Our services

At Northern Energy Solutions we offer a host of services to meet every renewable energy need: here is a small selection of what we can do for you or your business.

For your home we can provide:

Free Solar Financial Investment Analysis Showing You the Best Solar PV System for You and Your Home.

How much will the system cost?
How much will I get back each year from the Feed in Tariff?
How the government feed in tariff scheme works!
How much will I save on my electricity bills?
How long will it take for the system to pay for itself?

Free home survey to analyse the potential Solar PV system that can be installed onto your property to get you the largest return on investment.

Measurements of roof space!
Issue over shading?
What your system is likely to produce?

For the commercial sector we can:  

Determine the most economic renewable energy solutions for a development
Apply for planning permission and adhere to building regulations and current legislation
Help to apply for grant funding and other finance
Manage, operate and maintain the energy infrastructure

We can provide independent technical and financial analysis supported by site-suitability assessment aimed at reviewing the feasibility of individual sites for deployment of specific renewable energy technologies. Give advice to developers, architects, contractors, home owners, business owners, communities, planners and local government.

We can undertake detailed design of low carbon energy systems in order to ensure that a range of technologies are suitable for use in a new development. An example of this might be for a mixed-use development that has varying heat, cooling and electrical demands and consumption.

Our independent status means that we are not tied to one specific technology or product and can be relied upon to offer impartial, practical advice. Our expertise of low and zero carbon and energy efficiency products enables us to recommend suitable products for your development. As distributors for a number of manufacturers within industry we can  supply goods to the trade.

With an understanding of the build process and our close work with architects, contractors and builders allows us to deliver cost effective solutions without delay to the building programme. Our team of installers have experience in deploying Wind Turbines, Heat Pumps, and Solar Thermal and Solar PV (electric) systems.  Our knowledge ensures ease of installation with the least of fuss. Post-completion Northern Energy Solutions can operate and maintain the energy systems on your behalf.