What is Biomass? Biomass is a renewable energy technology used to burn fuel such as wood chips, pellets and logs to efficiently generate heat for a property. The now popular Biomass technology is proven to convert more than 70 percent of the fuel it burns into usable heat and with the implementation of a back boiler you may also heat your properties hot water by using Biomass.

Using Biomass to heat your property

In recent years it has become apparent that Biomass is a highly lucrative and efficient way of generating heat and a tax free income. Although the Biomass technology has been around for a number of years it has recently become sought after and thanks to grants and the future RHI, this particular technology continues to become more popular for home owners.

Biomass today can be fully automated and comes with automatic ignition, thermostatic control and state of the art boilers to ensure you get the most from this technology – Biomass has never been cleaner or easier to maintain, which makes it perfect for the home owner.

How can you benefit from a Biomass system?

Heat your property all year round
Reduce your carbon footprint
Receive a Tax FREE investment from the RHI
Save up to £600 per year on energy bills
Receive up to £950 in the form of a grant for your system
Improve the efficiency of your property

How can we help?

Our team of renewable energy experts are fully accredited and have years of experience in the Biomass industry – Our expertise coupled with leading Biomass systems ensure that you will receive the ultimate gain from a Biomass installation.

Bespoke Design
Product Specification
Design Consultancy
Professional Installation
Heat Loss Calculations and Detailed Financial Analysis Reports

We offer a free no obligation site survey of your home or commercial property for more information call us on 0844 414 60 30.