Biomass Fuels

Biomass comes in the form of biological material from living organisms – However common fuels for producing energy by using a Biomass boiler are logs, wood chippings and wood pellets.

Although Biomass systems require on going costs in the form of fuel, they are minimal compared to the tax free revenue generated over 20 years from the RHI and compared to savings of up to £600 per year (compared to electric heating).

Wood Logs

Wood logs are a viable option for Biomass fuel and contain reduced moisture to increase their heat generation potential. Wood logs for Biomass fuel come in the form of soft or hard wood – in general the heat output of hardwood is twice that of softwood logs.

Wood Chippings

Wood chippings are a popular fuel for Biomass systems and with an automated system this type of fuel works great. The chippings require covering to ensure that you get the most out of your fuel.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets seem to be the most popular fuel for Biomass systems at the moment – A pellet is made up of wood sawdust and shavings, compressed at high pressure which results in a small pellet.

Using pellets make for easy storage, they require less maintenance than other popular fuel types and they produce less ash than other wood fuels.

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