FREE Replacement Boilers - Are you eligible?

There are over 2.5 million households throughout the UK that may qualify for a 100% FREE boiler, why? The UK Government have recognised that the efficiency of many UK properties can be improved by replacing their boilers and so have recently released a significant amount of funding to do so.

The Government boiler grant is available as part Energy company Obligation (ECO), meaning they have the costs covered and you can enjoy your new energy efficient boiler with out paying anything.

What do i get if i qualify?

Tick A brand new energy efficient boiler, supplied and installed by our team of experts
Tick Parts & Labour warranty

If you qualify for a replacement boiler then you can enjoy hot water and heating throughout your property thanks to your new boiler, funded by the UK Government's ECO Scheme.

Do you qualify?

To qualify you have to be receiving at least one of the following benefits:

Tick State pension credit
Tick Income related benefits, with a child and an income of less than £15,860
Tick Disability benefit, with an income of less than £15,860

If you receive any of the following benefits and you live in a privately rented property or you're a home owner then you're eligible for a free boiler!

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