The Green Deal Scheme

In October 2012 the UK Government aim to introduce what is known as the Green Deal scheme – The purpose of this scheme is to provide a way for millions of UK properties to have energy efficiency improvements with no initial up front cost.

The Green Deal will make it possible for you to improve the efficiency of your home; improvements that are covered include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation, condensing boilers, floor insulation, draught proofing, double glazing, Solar Thermal installation, Solar PV installation and ground source heat pumps.

The Green Deal will not be means tested and any poor credit history should not be a problem – The Green Deal will be applied to the electricity bill of your property and not yourself, this means that if you move properties you will no longer pay back the money you received from the Green Deal, the new occupier will continue to pay the debt.

The Green Deal will enable a Green Deal Provider (Northern Energy Solutions) to provide up to £10000 for you to carry out the improvements on your property, there are no up front costs and the £10000 will be a loan, paid in instalments over 25 years – The instalments will be added to households electricity bill.

Remember this is not a personal loan and will be attached to the households electricity bill not you or your property.

Are you interested in the Green Deal Scheme?

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