Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are effective solutions to heating and cooling applications for all types of buildings, domestic or Commercial.

This well-proven technology has been in use for decades and Heat Pumps are at work all over the world providing safe, reliable heating and cooling at affordable prices. As a low carbon technology, Heat Pumps can significantly reduce the UK’s Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Where Heat Pumps are used for heating, they are capable of highly cost-efficient energy applications because they tap into a limitless supply of clean, pollution-free heat – either the surrounding air or heat captured in the ground – all you pay for is the energy to transport that heat, and in some applications, most of this energy can be reclaimed as wet under floor heating system is an ideal accompaniment to a Heat Pump driven system as the flow temperatures delivered by the Heat Pump are perfectly matched to the needs of this type of heat source.

Under floor heating works very well with Ground Source Heat Pump and Air Source Heat Pumps. Northern Energy Solutions can also provide this for your home or business please see our dedicated Under floor Heating page.

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