Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal systems provide hot water for households and in some cases can help with heating. Northern Energy Solutions are MCS accredited installers of the popular technology.

A Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water System is used to provide hot water. This water can be used for washing machines, showers, baths, dishwashers and anything else run through your storage tank. It is not generally used for radiators or general space heating.

In the simplest terms a solar thermal systems are comprised of a solar collector, a storage tank, a boiler, a pump and a controller.

Solar Thermal - Solar Thermal Panels - Water Heating
The Solar Thermal systems supplied by us are closed loop systems. This means that the fluid that passes through the solar collector never actually touches the water that you use for the washing. The fluid is silently pumped through the closed system, heated by the suns energy in the solar collectors and then passed through a heating coil in your storage tank. This transfers the heat contained in the fluid to the water in the storage tank and the cold fluid is then pumped back up to the solar collector.

The rate of the pump is intelligently managed by the controller. This reacts to the temperature of the fluid in the solar collectors and the temperature of the water at different positions in the storage tank to determine the optimal flow rate to maximise energy savings.

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