Rainwater Harvesting

In recent years more and more of us are realising that our water is precious. The UK has been spoilt so far

How Rainwater Harvesting works
We have had cheap and plentiful water, but this is changing. We need to use water more efficiently. But however “green” we are, we all want to know how much it will cost us and save us. Costs obviously vary depending on individual needs and whether the collected rainwater is to be used just for outdoor use (irrigation, outdoor-cleaning) or inside the house as well for supplying WCs and washing machines.

For rainwater use in the house, separate rainwater supply pipes to the appliances are needed making installation more cost efficient in the context of a new build or a renovation project. And if the tank is to be underground, then the hole has to be made. However, this need not be expensive in comparison to the overall cost of the building or renovation project.

We can provide a Rainwater System from as little as £4495!

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