Wind Turbines

The UK has over 40% of Europe’s wind resources so we are ideally placed to capture this renewable source of free energy with the latest generation of small Wind Turbines (otherwise known as micro Wind Turbines).

When installed in the right location the Wind Generators that BritishEco sell and install can give the highest return on investment of all the Renewable Energy technologies – with payback period of 3-5 years being

Wind Tubrines - For residential and commercial use

Our range of small scale Wind Turbines, from 2kW to 50kW, need a significant amount of space to work at their best so are ideal for farmers, country estate, golf courses and domestic properties with large gardens or adjoining fields.

The technical support team at Northern Energy Solutions can very quickly review your location and topology to see if one of our ranges of domestic wind turbines would be suitable for you. This would be a desktop survey initially and if this shows a positive result and you were interested we could follow up with a site visit by one of our consultants to confirm the full details and provide a quotation.

In April 2010, UK government legislation introduced a generous incentive dubbed the Clean Energy cash back. Under the scheme, a tax-free financial reward is paid to owners of small Wind Turbines generating carbon-free energy who are helping the country to meet its renewable energy commitments.

For a 10kW turbine owner, this means every unit of energy generated earns 26.7p, regardless of whether the energy is used by the owner or exported onto the National Grid. Energy exported to the grid attracts a further payment of at least 3p per unit and of course energy which is used on site leads to a reduction in the usual energy bill, so is typically worth 12p per unit. Overall, 10kW turbine owners with a strong wind resource could earn up to an extra £14,000 per turbine per year including energy bill savings, paying back their initial investment in less than 4 years.

The clean energy cash back payments are more than double the market value of electricity and are received from your energy utility company. Payments are funded by a general levy on everyone's electricity prices, so as a bill payer, if you're not receiving the cash back, then indirectly you're paying for someone else's!

We offer a free no obligation site survey of your home or commercial property for more information call us on 0844 414 60 30.