Heating Large Volumes with Thermodynamic Solar Panels

Heating large volume of water has just become more efficient, easier and cost effective with the introduction of Thermodynamic Solar Panels.

Not only can a Thermodynamic solution be used in domestic properties but also used to heat large volume of water for hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping centres and just about any other facility.

With Thermodynamic solar panels working 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and in all weather conditions right down to minus 15 degrees Celsius you can forget about the worry of paying those rising energy bills to heat water that you need to continue to operate and move with a cost reducing solution.

Reduce your costs now and install a system that's already being widely adopted in the industries above.

Example installation equipment for heating large volumes of water:
Eco 1500 + 6 Solar Panels (Just Six)
+ 1 Thermodynamic Block
+ 1 Storage Heater

Thermodynamics - Heating Large Volumes

Thermodynamic solar panels are cost effective!

You're guaranteed to save on your energy bills and with our low installation costs you'll see a return on your investment quicker than you think. You can have your Thermodynamic solar system installed by our team of specialists for as little as £3750!

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