Heating Swimming Pools with Thermodynamic Solar Panels

With Thermodynamic solar panels you can your heat your swimming pool 24 hours per day, 365 days per year! That’s right; you can enjoy a warm swimming pool throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions by installing a Thermodynamic system.

The most efficient way to heat your swimming pool

Not only will a thermodynamic solar system dramatically reduce your energy bills by the use of a low power consumption system but will also provide a low maintenance solution that offers 25 years of useful life.

Reduce energy bills, maintenance costs and enjoy your pool 365 days of the year!

An example installation for heating Swimming Pools Equipment:
Solar Block 4 + 4 Solar Panels
1 Thermodynamic Block
1 Titanium Heat Exchanger


Thermodynamic solar panels are cost effective!

You're guaranteed to save on your energy bills and with our low installation costs you'll see a return on your investment quicker than you think. You can have your Thermodynamic solar system installed by our team of specialists - Call us now for your FREE Quotation - 0844 414 60 30.